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Two global data sets for the GCOS cloud property ECVs including uncertainty estimates.

The focus in Cloud CCI lies on the cloud properties: cloud fractional coverage, cloud top height/temperature as well as liquid/ice water content. Two global datasets, covering the three year period 2007-2009, will be composed in project phase I (until 2013). Beyond phase I, the processing of nearly 3 decades is envisaged. The data will be provided on a monthly temporal resolution. However, the synergy of cloud properties from numerous sensors also allows the assessment of basic components of the diurnal variations of cloud properties. The datasets, which will be provided on a global grid in netCDF file format, as well as all tools used will be completely accessible to the scientific community.
The two global datasets will be based on the synergy of cloud properties derived from the following two clusters of ESA and non-ESA


ECV Product Name: CCI Cloud
Parameter Sensors Spatial coverage Spatial grid Temporal coverage
- Cloud cover (high/mid/low-level)
- Cloud top pressure/height/temperature
- Effective radius
- Cloud optical thickness
- Liquid water path
- Ice water path



global L2: swath based,
L2b: 10x10km,
L3a,b,c: 50x50km
- cloud type histograms  see above  see above 1x1km  see above


Please follow the link for product description.