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3rd MERIS/(A)ATSR and OCLI-SLSTR (Sentinel-3) Preparatory Workshop in Frascati/Italy


The European Space Agency, together with Eumetsat, is organising the 3rd MERIS/(A)ATSR and OCLI-SLSTR (Sentinel-3) Preparatory Workshop, which will be hosted in ESA-ESRIN, Frascati, Italy, from 15 to 19 October 2012.

ESA Cloud CCI contribution:

ORAC -Optimal Retrieval scheme for Aerosol and Cloud
by C. Poulsen, et al.

FAME-C: A Synergistic MERIS-AATSR cloud properties retrieval using optimal estimation technique
by C. Henken, et al.
The ESA Cloud CCI project: Generation of multi-sensor consistent cloud properties from past, existing and future EO sensors
by R. Lindstrot, R. Hollmann, M. Stengel, C. Poulsen, C. Henken, R. Preusker, J. Fischer and the ESA Cloud CCI team

The ultimate objective of the ESA Climate Change Initiative (CCI) Cloud project is to provide long-term coherent cloud property data sets, exploiting and improving on the synergetic capabilities of past, existing, and upcoming European and American satellite missions, including MERIS/AATSR and OLCI/SLSTR. The synergetic approach allows not only for improved accuracy and extended temporal and spatial sampling of retrieved cloud properties but potentially also for improved (inter-)calibration and enhanced homogeneity and stability of the derived time series. Such advances are required by the scientific community to facilitate further progress in satellite-based climate monitoring, which leads to a better understanding of climate.

The primary objectives of ESA Cloud CCI Cloud are (1) the development of inter-calibrated radiance data sets, so called Fundamental Climate Data Records – for ESA and non-ESA instruments through an international collaboration, (2) the development of an optimal estimation based retrieval framework for cloud related essential climate variables such as cloud cover, cloud top height and temperature, liquid and ice water path, and (3) the development of two multi-annual global data sets for the mentioned cloud properties including uncertainty estimates. These two data sets are characterized by different combinations of satellite systems: the AVHRR heritage product comprising (A)ATSR, AVHRR and MODIS and the novel AATSR – MERIS product which is based on a synergetic retrieval using both instruments.

Both datasets initially cover the years 2007-2009 in the first project phase. Special emphasis has been given to develop or extend the optimal estimation technique to be able to include future sensors e.g. OLCI/SLSTR in an efficient way.

The presentation will focus on the benefit of the synergetic AATSR-MERIS measurements and the possibility to extend both Cloud CCI data sets with future OLCI-SLSTR observations.