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The ESA Cloud_cci Project  [2011-06-09]

The ultimate objective of Cloud CCI is to provide long-term coherent cloud property data sets exploiting the synergic capabilities of different Earth observation missions allowing for improved accuracies and enhanced temporal and spatial sampling better than those provided by the single sources.

This project seeks to utilize the increasing  potential of the synergic capabilities of past,  existing and upcoming European and US  missions in order to meet the increasing  needs for coherent long-term cloud property datasets required by the scientific community.

Read the Project Executive Summary for more information

Release of Cloud_cci version 2.0 datasets  [2018-01-15]

The Cloud_cci Project team is pleased to annouce the release of the version 2.0 of the Cloud_cci datasets. Key scientific characteristics of the datasets are summarized in Stengel et al. (2017).

For each dataset a digital object identifier has been issued:
Cloud_cci AVHRR-AM:
Cloud_cci AVHRR-PM:
Cloud_cci MODIS-Terra:
Cloud_cci MODIS-Aqua:
Cloud_cci ATSR2-AATSR:
Cloud_cci MERIS+AATSR:

The data can be accessed via the DOI pages or by clicking here.

Release of Cloud_cci Newsletter issue 6  [2016-07-08]


The sixth Cloud_cci newsletter was released and is availale for download. It completes the newsletter series of project phase 1 of Cloud_cci and provides an overview of the current project status, background of product features and specifications as well as an overview of latest results and validation efforts.

Newsletter Issue 6

See all Cloud_cci documentation here

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