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The ESA Cloud CCI Project  [2011-06-09]

The ultimate objective of Cloud CCI is to provide long-term coherent cloud property data sets exploiting the  synergic capabilities of different Earth observation missions allowing for improved accuracies and enhanced temporal and spatial sampling better than those provided by the single sources. Read more »

Cloud_cci Datasets  [2016-06-09]

The transition from project phase 1 to 2 - From prototype data to long-term climate datasets  [2014-01-14]

The ESA Cloud_cci project started in 2010 along with 12 other CCI projects covering atmospheric, oceanic and terrestrial ECV data products (Hollmann et al. 2013). Read more »

Cloud_cci Data Set are available  [2013-10-17]

The Cloud CCI prototype dataset, spanning three years 2007 to 2009, have been processed and are available:

  Read more »

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